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While there are many factors that can affect one’s health, one of the most prominent is the environment they live in. Whether it’s the polluted air and water, or other forms of pollution, a clean and healthy environment will contribute to overall good health. At cleaning services in Houston, Texas, we understand the importance of maintaining order and sanity in your home to not only provide peace of mind but also maintain a healthy living environment for all those living within it. Whether you need a routine cleaning or have specific areas that need extra attention, we offer a suite of flexible services at affordable prices.

We are in the cleaning business for a reason. Our job is to help make your life better. We believe that every single person should be able to live in an environment that feels secure and safe. At Houston’s Cleaning Service, we work hard every day on ways to accomplish this while also acknowledging that the foundation of our business stems from the satisfaction of our customers’ needs.


Recurring Cleaning Service


Recurring cleaning keeps your home from becoming overwhelmingly unorganized or dirty. This prevents dust and clutter from building up in your home. Here in our cleaning service, you can trust that our cleaning professionals are the best at what they do — and will leave you with a fresh, bright impression of your home.

Our cleaners clean the way you want to keep your home. With our weekly or monthly housekeeping and cleaning plan, you’re guaranteed to spend more time doing what you love, and can be easily adjusted depending on your needs. We only use advanced cleaning methods, so your home stays clean longer.


One-Time Deep Cleaning


Are you tired of your house maintaining its cleanliness for a few months, then it gets filthy again? Here at Houston’s Premier Cleaning Service we offer you deep cleaning service, so your house will maintain its cleanliness for a longer time. We offer the best service! With our one-time deep house cleaning service, you don't have to worry about other home services you may need in the future.


Spring / Fall Cleaning Service


We understand your time is valuable, and we won’t waste it with a service that leaves you feeling rushed or underwhelmed. That’s why we provide Houston’s best cleaning services at an affordable price. Whether you choose to manage this fall cleaning or give your house a spring cleaning, we'll handle every detail from beginning to end so you can unwind and get back to your life. Our professionals are specially trained to bring out the beauty in even the smallest spaces while giving you peace of mind that our cleaners meet or exceed all industry standards.


Vacation Rental Cleaning


Ready and relax with the help of our Houston Vacation Rental Cleaning Service. Whether you’re renting out your home over the summer or hosting guests in the winter, our cleaning services will help ready your properties for occupancy and subsequent use. We’ll clean your home with our experts, giving you spotless floors, furniture and appliances, bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms.

Our company was established to help you keep your home clean and tidy in a snap. We will sanitize all surfaces, clean the interior windows and make your rental house look like new again. Our cleaning service will leave you feeling comfortable and stress-free, ready to welcome new guests.


Move In Cleaning


No one can resist the cleanliness of a new home, but sometimes getting it organized is a challenge. Our move in service is perfect for homeowners who need help with cleaning up before they move into their new homes, or simply want someone to eliminate all traces of dirt and clutter around the house. We utilize a variety of methods and products to meet all of your needs in order to provide you with the best cleaning available.


Move Out Cleaning


Have you ever experienced moving out to transfer a new home? Houston's premier cleaning service is here to help! We will make sure your old house looks like it’s brand-new. We work with top quality cleaners that actually know the ropes of dirty, smelly, and messy houses. From deep cleans to lighted dusting and vacuuming, our experienced house cleaners will make the transition from your old house into a new one!


Apartment Cleaning Services


If you are looking for a professional cleaning service for your apartment, we can help. Our team is comprised of highly trained and licensed cleaners who are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our cleaning services include effective toilet and sink cleaning as well as under bed vacuum and interior window washing. Don’t forget you are the one who invests a lot of time and money in your house. Hire someone who can do the job properly to ensure that you maintain it clean.


Holiday House Cleaning Services


We know how important it is to have fun when everyone gathers together during holidays. That is why we are here to help you get started with this holiday season. Houston’s Premier Cleaning Service offers ultra-clean and super efficient facilities to host your needs. We offer an affordable price, which includes full cleaning in preparation of your home. This is the perfect way to make your home look ready for visitors this holiday season!


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